mardi 8 mai 2018

Caresses du 8 mai, un moment pour la paix !

Rose Tatoo*/Rose Tattoo (1978)/Rock’N’Roll Outlaw
Savage Messiah*/Hands Of Fate (2017)/Wing And A Prayer
Orden Ogan*/Gunmen (2017)/Gunman
Suicidal Tendencies/Get Your Fight On ! (2018)/Get Your Fight On !
Hatebreed*/The Concrete Confessional (2016)/Seven Enemies
Redemption*/Voice Of Hell (2018)/Friends
Angelus Apatrida/Cabaret de la guillotine (2018)/One Of Us
Cro-Mags*/Best Wishes (1989)/Down But Not Out
Ho99o9*/United States Of Horror (2017)/Street Power
Bloodshot Dawn*/Reanimation (2018)/Shackled
Hexecutor*/Hangmen Of Roazhon (2014)/Soldiers Of Darkness
Dissection/Storm Of The Light's Bane (2006)/Night's Blood
De Profundis/Beyond Redemption (2007)/Delusion Of Life
Hexecutor*/Poison, Lust And Damnation (2016)/Macabre Ceremony
Dargonomel/Astazebian (2017)/Demon Inside Me
Plebeian Grandstand*/False Highs, True Lows (2016)/Low Empire
*groupes présents au Hellfest 2018

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