lundi 22 avril 2019

Playlist misanthropique du 23 avril

Bruce Dickinson/Accident Of Birth (1997)/The Magician
Trivium*/The Sin And The Sentence (2017)/The Rising
Tool*/10 000 Days (2006)/Jambi
Misanthrope/Ænigma Mystica (2013)/Ænigma Mystica
Misanthrope/Metal Hurlant (2005)/Sulfureuses Contestations
Cult Of Luna/Vertikal (2013)/The Flow Reversed
The Black Dahlia Murder/Matriarch (2017)/Nightbringers
Allegaeon*/Apoptosis (2019)/The Secular Age
Morbid Angel/Kingdoms Disdained (2017)/Piles of Little Arms
Vltimas*/Something Wicked Marches In (2019)/Everlasting
Tormentor*/The Seventh Day of Doom (1987)/Tormentor
Misery Index/Rituals Of Power (2019)/The Choir Invisible
Nocturnus AD/Paradox (2019)/Precession Of The Equinoxes
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition*/Raping Angels In Hell (2017)/Apostate Angels (Ritual And Taboo)
*programmé au Hellfest 2019

dimanche 7 avril 2019

Playlist d'avril... ne te découvre...

Def Leppard/Euphoria (1999)/Promises
Bruce Dickinson/Balls To Picasso (1994)/1000 Points Of Light
W.A.S.P./The Headless Children (1989)/Rebel In The F.D.G.
Yngwie Malmsteen/Blue Lightning (2019)/Jumping Jack Flash
Diamond Head*/Borrowed Time (1982)/In The Heat Of The Night
Def Leppard*/Def Leppard (2015)/Dangerous
Manowar*/The Final Battle I (2019)/Blood And Steel
Rammstein/Rammstein (2019)/Deutschland
Eluveitie/Ategnatos (2019)/Ategnatos
Amon Amarth/Berseker (2019)/Raven’s Flight
Exumer/Hostile Defiance (2019)/Hostile Defiance
Desert Near The End/Of Fire And Stars (2019)/Earth And Water
Dark Tranquillity*/The Gallery (1995)/Edenspring
Jungle Rot/Order Shall Prevail (2015)/Blood Revenge
Hellhammer*/Apocalyptic Raids (1984)/The Thirds Of The Storms
Jungle Rot/Slaughter The Weak (1997)/Infectious
*Groupes présents au Hellfest