lundi 20 mai 2019

Caresses du 21 mai : Deutsch Touch

Whitesnake*/Flesh And Blood (2019)/Good To See You Again
Rammstein/Rammstein (2019)/Tatoo
Bruce Dickinson/Tattoed Millionaire (1990)/Born in ‘58
Fallen Lillies*/(2016)/Wake Up Call
Deadland Ritual/(2018)/Down In Flames
Rammstein/Rammstein (2019)/Puppe
Sonata Arctica*/Unia (2017)/Paid In Full
Lamb Of God*/Burn The Priest (1999)/Resurrection #9
Death Angel*/Humanicide (2019)/Humanicide
Insanity Alert*/Glorious Thrash (2014)/Glorious Thrash
Ezox/One last breath (2019)/About love
Origin/Unparalleled Universe (2017)/Infinitesimal To The Infinite
Necrophagist/Epitaph (2019)/Epitaph
Memoriam/Requiem For Mankind (2019)/Shell Shock
Nocturnus/The Key (1990)/Destroying The Manger
Origin/Abiogenesis A Coming Into Existence (2019)/Sociocide
Full Of Hell/Weeping Choir (2019)/Thundering Hammers

* groupes présents au Hellfest 2019

dimanche 5 mai 2019

Playlist du 7 mai : French Touch...

Bruce Dickinson/Skunkworks (1996)/Space Race
Warlock/Triumph And Agony (1987)/Touch Of Evil
Lofofora*/Les choses qui nous dérangent (2005)/Aveugle et sourd
Mass Hysteria*/Maniac (2018)/Reprendre Mes Esprits
Ultra Vomit*/Panzer Surprise (2017)/Kammthaar
No One Is Innocent*/Frankenstein (2018)/A la gloire du marché
Dagoba*/What Hell Is About (2006)/Cancer
Gojira*/Magma (2016)/Stranded
Leviatan/Chimera (2015)/Just a Game
Amon Amarth*/Berserker (2019)/Fafner’s Gold
Cancer Bats*/Hail Destroyer (2008)/Hail Destroyer
Darkthrone/Old Star (2019)/The Hardship Of The Scots
Cradle Of Filth*/Nymphetamine (2004)/Nymphetamine Fix
Possessed*/Revelations Of Oblivion (2019)/No More Room In Hell
Naer Mataron/Praetorians (2008)/Eagle's Nest
Dark Funeral/Where Shadows Forever Reign (2016)/Where Shadows Forever Reign
* au hellfest 2019