lundi 1 janvier 2018

Premières Caresses de 2018... on repart en tendresse !!

Orange Goblin*/A Eulology For The Damned (2012)/Return To Mars
Baroness*/Purple (2015)/Morning Star
Bongzilla*/Amerijuanican (2005)/Kash Under Glass
Crisix*/From Blue To Black (2016)/Journey To The Fire
DustIn Behm/The Beyond (2017)/Genesis
Carnivore*/Retaliation (1987)/Jack Daniel’s And Pizza+Angry Neurotic Catholics
Misanthrope*/Aenigma Mystica (2013)/Forces Conspiratrices
The Faceless/In Becomming A Ghost (2017)/The Spiraling Void
Endless Chaos/Paths To Contentment (2017)/Cannibalistic Voyage
Pestilence/Hadeon (2018)/Manifestations
Hate/Tremendum (2017)/Svarog's Mountain
Eternal Torment/Blind To Reality (2017)/Beyond Godlike
Morbid Angel/Kingdoms Disdained (2017)/The Fall Of Idols
Pestilence/Hadeon (2018)/Multi Dimensional
Dargonomel/Astazebian (2017)/Silence Of Sacrificial Lambs
Watain*/Trident Wolf Eclipse (2018)/Teufelsreich
* Groupe présent au Hellfest

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