lundi 8 mai 2017

Playlist du 9 mai : Hellfest mais pas que !

Airbourne*/Runnin' Wild (2007)/Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll
Pretty Maids*/Kingmaker (2016)/Kingmaker
Tyr*/How Far To Asgaard (2002)/Hail To The Hammer
King Diamond/House Of God (2000)/Catacomb
Vallhall/Red Planet (2009)/Phobia
Superjoint Ritual/Use Once And Destroy (2002)/Fuck Your Enemy
Les ramoneurs de menhirs*/Dans An Diaoul (2007)/Na Gast Na Matezh
Coroner*/Mental Vortex (1991)/Sirens
Metal Church*/A Light In The Light (2006)/Son Of The Son
Kreator/Pleasure To Kill (1986)/Awakening Of The Gods
Verbal Razors*/Verbal Razors (2014)/The End Of A Reign
Ghoul/Splatterthrash (2006)/Gutbucket Blues
Acheron/Those Who Have Risen (1998)/Undead Celebration
Six Feet Under/Torment (2017)/Skeleton
Mortuary*/1/radicate (1998)/Misery
Suffocation /...Of The Dark Light (2017)/The Warmth Within The Dark
Belphegor*/Pestapokalypse VI (2006)/Bluhtsturm Erotika
*présent au Hellfest

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