mardi 25 octobre 2016

Playlist des Caresses du 25 octobre...

Encore beaucoup de nouveautés pour ce soir !!!

Evil Invaders/In For The Kill (2016)/As Life Slowly Fades
Flayed/XI Million (2016)/XI Million
Suicidal Tendencies/World Gone Mad (2016)/Clap Like Ozzy
Opeth/Sorceress (2016)/Era
Lethal Shöck/Evil Agressor (2016)/Fear (The Devil's Child)
Motörhead/Bad Magic (2015)/Till The End
Iron Maiden/Killers (1981)/Wrathchild
Fractal Cypher/The Human Paradox (2016)/Endless Circle
Watchtower/Concepts Of Math: Book One (2016)/The Size Of Matter
Testament/The Brotherhood Of The Snake (2016)/Centuries Of Suffering
Exodus/Tempo Of The Damned (2004)/Blacklist
Meshuggah/The Violent Sleep Of Reason (2016)/Ivory Tower
Amon Amarth/Jomsviking (2016)/One Thousand Burning Arrows
Obituary/Ten Thousand Ways To Die (2016)/Ten Thousand Ways To Die
Blood Red Throne/Union Of Flesh And Machine (2016)/Homicidal Ecstacy
Mercyless/Pathetic Divinity (2016)/Exhort The Heretic
Asphyx/Incoming Death (2016)/The Feeder
Obituary/Ten Thousand Ways To Die (2016)/Don't Care

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