lundi 25 avril 2016

Playlist du 26 avril !!

Mass Hysteria*/Matière Noire (2015)/Vae Soli
Korn*/The Paradigm Shift (2013)/Mass Hysteria
Rammstein*/Sehnsucht (1997) /Engel
Wolfmother/Victorious (2016)/Gypsy Caravan
Kadavar*/Berlin (2015)/Pale Blue Eyes
Dunce/Divine Power (2007)/Pain
Emperors Of Decay/EP (2015)/Heavy Metal Overdose
Dream Theater/Master Of Puppets (2002)/Battery
Testament*/The Formation Of Damnation (2008)/Killing Season
Havok*/Unnatural Selection (2013)/Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death
Destroyer 666/Wildfire (2016)/Traitor
Asphyx*/Asphyx (1994)/Emperors Of Death
Morbid Angel/Domination (1995)/Down Of The Angry
Vaginal Purulence/????/Hyppies Must Die
Cannibal Corpse/Butchered At Birth (1991)/Gutted
Deicide*/Insinerate Hymn (2000)/Refusal Of Penance
Aura Noir*/Deep Dreams Of Hell (2005)/Angel Ripper
*Groupes présents au Hellfest

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