lundi 15 février 2016

Playlist des caresses du 16 février

Pantera/The Great Southern Trendkill (1996)/The Underground In America
Mass Hysteria/Matière Noire (2015)/Matière Noire
King's X/Faith Hope Love (1990)/We Are Finding Who We Are
Dio/Holy Diver (1983)/Rainbow In The Dark
Vulcain/V8 (2013)/Lâchez-nous
Vektor/Black Future (2009)/Black Future
Macabre/Murder Metal (2003)/Jack The Ripper
M.O.D./Dictated Aggression (1996)/Shot Glass
Crowbar/Sonic Excess In His Purest Form (2001)/Awakening
Master/On The Seventh Day God Created… Master (1991)/Judgement Of Will
Pestilence/Doctrine (2011)/Malignant
Disgorge/Parallels Of Infinite Torture (2005)/Asphyxiation Of Thee Oppressed
Dismember/Dismember (2008)/Legion
Cannibal Corpse/Vile (1996)/Disfigured
Impaled Nazarene/Rapture (1998)/Phallus Maleficarum
Blut Aus Nord/Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry (2014)/Tellus Mater
Tsjuder/Kill For Satan (2000)/Beyond The Grave

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