dimanche 29 novembre 2015

playlist des Caresses du 1er décembre !

Fred And The Living Dead/Dead Star (2015)/Rain Of Fire
Trust/Marche ou crève (1981)/Le Sauvage
Hills N'Pills/Delicious Nourriture (2015)/Atchoum
Danzig/Skeletons (2015)/Let Yourself Go
Joe Satriani/Not Of This Earth (1986)/The Enigmatic
Mekong Delta/Lurking Fear (2007)/Allegro [Instrumental - Cover of D.Schostakowitsch]
Rammstein/In Amerika (2015)/Waidmanns Heil
Celtic Frost/Cold Lake (1988)/Cherry Orchards
Distillator/Revolutionary Cells (2015)/Saturation Bombing
Protector/The Heritage (1993)/Protective Unconsciousness
Gwar/Violence Has Arrived (2001)/Battle Lust
At War/Infidel (2009)/Vengeful Eyes
Xentrix/Kin (2006)/Another Day
Loudblast/Planet Pandemonium (2005)/The Serpent's Circle
Necrophagia/Goblins Be Thine (2004)/Young Burial
Monstrosity/In Dark Purity (1999)/Perpetual War
Burzum/Belus (2010)/Keliohesten
Farsot/Insects (2011)/Somnolent

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